Bristol, United Kingdom  |  thebearded45.co.uk

Full time artist/designer. Have his painty fingers in many pies. Always up for projects no matter how big or small... Still mostly rocking a pencil! Compulsive designer, will paint, draw, design and photograph anything and everything.  A member of Bristol's 'What Collective' alongside fellow slap submitter RichT. In his own word he describes the What Collective, as "It's just a group of mates, end of that's more important then the painting we are mates and socialise and drink together. Then combine the art and you're on to a winner. I trust all the boys, I'd happily paint anything they draw, and I know before I’ve seen it that it’s going to be tasty as. That’s what makes a strong crew. Starting out in 2000 in Kent was where the addiction kicked in for Graffiti. It was RichT that got him into illustration around 2003, which opened his eyes to million more things to draw on!

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